Our CJA Instructors

Chris Glanden Headshot

Who is Chris Glanden?

Chris Glanden is highly passionate about IT Security Systems, breakthroughs, vulnerabilities, their mitigation and risk management. He is an expert in implementing data security frameworks and refining processes to prevent, detect, analyze, and respond to security-related incidents. He is a senior security architect for Sayers, the founder of BarCode Security, and the host of a top industry-rated podcast.

John Young Photo

Who is John Young?

Like many security experts, John Young started out on the wrong side of the law by as a teenage phone phreak in New York City, using his skills to manipulate the AT&T phone system before turning his focus to cybersecurity. His career began in 1982 and led him to become the network director at McDonnell Douglas’s $41.8 billion C-17 program. After 30 years at IBM, he founded CyberDef, a company where he is recognized as one of America’s leading corporate cybersecurity experts and thought leaders.Young encourages those interested in entering the cybersecurity field not to let their existing skills go to waste but instead to add cybersecurity certifications to their skillset.

Who is Tammy Klotz?

Tammy Klotz is an internationally experienced executive with over 30 years of industry expertise in security, audit, compliance, and technology. Specializing in OT Security within the Manufacturing & Utilities Industry, she has demonstrated leadership by defining and delivering major IT and security strategies, global cyber programs, and IT-enabled business transformation efforts. With a passionate and vibrant communication style, Tammy Klotz excels as a storyteller and relationship builder, effortlessly distilling complex IT and cybersecurity risks into practical, non-technical discussions. Tammy Klotz’s innate ability to focus on the human element has resulted in a track record of cultivating teamwork, and collaboration and developing high-performing teams. Leveraging her extensive expertise in supplier relationship management, vendor risk management, cyber training and awareness, and OT Security, she will effectively capitalize on her knowledge and experience in these areas.

Sabrina Cortes Headshot

Who is Sabrina Cortes?

Sabrina Cortes is a highly skilled and perceptive writer, creating career documents customized to individual job targets. With an extensive understanding of Applicant Tracking Systems, Sabrina expertly crafts resumes that effectively navigate the scanning process and capture the attention of human recruiters. Moreover, she offers valuable guidance to clients in identifying relevant skills and actionable keywords for their job applications. Additionally, Sabrina showcases her expertise in copywriting by delivering SEO-focused blog posts and web content that resonate with specific target audiences. Leveraging her exceptional resume writing skills, Sabrina is dedicated to assisting job seekers in their pursuit of professional success.

Jason Brooks Headshot

Who is Jason Brooks?

Jason Brooks, a native of South Central LA, is the visionary behind Relativ.ai, a groundbreaking conversational performance company. By harnessing the power of deep learning, Relativ uncovers the subtle cues within conversational styles that shape both business outcomes and interpersonal dynamics. These cues are transformed into valuable training data for ARIA (Avatars for Realistic Interactions & Analysis), an always-available tool that allows users to refine essential skills within a safe and convenient learning environment, fueled by data-driven scenarios. (ARIA can be found on CJA) Jason’s expertise spans diverse domains, having spent 18 years as a dedicated educator, teaching Mandarin, Spanish, and Mathematics, and fulfilling various administrative roles, including Dean of Faculty and Head of School. With academic credentials from prestigious institutions such as Harvard Graduate School of Education and Qinghua University, Jason’s pioneering work at the intersection of socio-linguistics, behavioral science, and psychology has revolutionized the field of conversational training.

Madhu Maganti Headshot

Who is Madhu Maganti?

Madhu Maganti is a goal-oriented cybersecurity/IT advisory leader with over 20 years of experience leading high-performance teams. Known for his hands-on leadership style, he instills teamwork and commitment while maintaining a reputation for integrity and dependability. Madhu is highly knowledgeable in both technical and business principles, specializing in cybersecurity risk assessments, regulatory compliance, and system and organization controls reporting. He has delivered speeches and authored articles as a thought leader in the field. With a track record of successful engagements, he has managed projects in the healthcare, finance, technology, energy, and higher education sectors, driving organizations toward cybersecurity excellence. Additionally, Madhu Maganti will leverage his expertise to instruct CJA students on Management Consulting 101, providing insights into the field and explaining the various roles within management consulting

Who is Jeff Jockisch?

Jeff Jockisch is a Partner and the Chief Privacy Officer at Avantis Privacy, a leading privtech startup. With a deep passion for data privacy, Jeff is dedicated to developing innovative services that empower consumers to counter adtech and tracking, enabling them to regain control over their personal information. He is an accomplished independent data privacy researcher at PrivacyPlan, where his expertise in privacy regulations, data governance, and data science shines through his original research and the creation of comprehensive datasets. Jeff’s extensive background in tech startups, mortgage information systems, and search engine development provides him with a unique perspective on data management and the design of knowledge graphs. He is highly regarded for his exceptional work in tracking, rating, and ranking privacy-focused podcasts, and as the co-host of Your Bytes, Your Rights, a thought-provoking audio event that convenes experts to discuss critical topics such as data ownership, digital rights, and data privacy. Jeff Jockisch’s unwavering dedication and expertise make him a respected figure in the field of data privacy.

Who is Adil Pasha?

Adil S. Pasha is a seasoned IT infrastructure and security expert with over 25 years of experience. His expertise spans cloud network and security technologies, with a focus on providing consulting and advisory services to financial, educational, and healthcare institutions. Adil has an impressive track record of designing and constructing highly secure datacenters for large financial organizations, ensuring the protection of critical applications. Additionally, he has led teams in architecting cloud enablement automation solutions, enabling seamless migration and deployment of cloud networks, secure applications, and zero-trust application-to-application flows. Adil’s leadership extends to integrating Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP) for comprehensive visibility, proactive threat management, and vulnerability mitigation.

Who is Mike Wilkes?

Mike Wilkes is an accomplished Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) renowned for his ability to build, transform, and safeguard organizations such as SecurityScorecard, ASCAP, Marvel, AQR Capital, ING Bank, Rabobank, CME Group, Sony, Macy’s, and prominent European banks and airlines. Recognized as a technology pioneer, he was nominated to the World Economic Forum in 2020, where he provides valuable insights on cyber resilience in the oil and gas industry and contributes to quantum security working groups. With a Stanford University education and authoring a book for Cisco Press, Mike combines his extensive expertise with a passion for teaching as a featured speaker at renowned technology conferences, including Black Hat, Gartner, GovWare, and SANS. As a professor at NYU, he shares his invaluable experiences and thoughts, drawing parallels between CISOs and diplomats to emphasize the role’s cross-functional influence across organizations and with external entities.

Who is Derek Fisher?

Derek Fisher, an accomplished professional with extensive expertise in product and application security, holds a Masters in Cybersecurity from Boston University. As the Head of Product Security at a global fintech company, Derek carries the responsibility of ensuring the utmost security for the organization’s products and services. Renowned for his profound knowledge in cybersecurity, he is widely sought after as a speaker, instructor, and author in the field. Derek’s remarkable contributions include a popular children’s book series on cybersecurity and the authorship of “The Application Security Handbook.”Derek’s dedication to the industry is demonstrated through his role as a university instructor at Temple University, where he educates students on the importance of software development security. With a background in hardware engineering, Derek’s journey into cybersecurity began and flourished, enabling him to lead teams and implement robust information security strategies in healthcare and financial organizations. His emphasis on raising security awareness and promoting secure code development has played a pivotal role in delivering software solutions with enhanced security measures.