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Transitioning into Cybersecurity

Transitioning into Cybersecurity

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Transitioning into a cybersecurity career from a non-IT background is definitely possible with the right approach and commitment. In this course, Brian will walk you through the steps you need to take to start the journey into cyber. Add in a slice of patience and your world is about to change!

  • Cybersecurity range of career paths 
  • How to select the right cyber roles 
  • Creating a roadmap to hire 
  • Demystifying cyber certifications 
  • Creative professional experience building  
  • Networking, networking, networking (the why and how)
  • Interview Rounds and what to expect
  • Acknowledging and accepting the long game

Remember that the journey into cybersecurity is a gradual process, and persistence is key. Tailor your learning path based on the specific area of cybersecurity that interests you the most, and leverage your existing skills to your advantage.